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  • Unexpectedly Cool Fast Food Restaurants Around The World

    Unexpectedly Cool Fast Food Restaurants Around The World

    No matter where one travels, there’s always a fast food restaurant around the corner. From the Giza pyramids in Cairo to the cobbled streets of London, American tourists can find the junk food of their home all over the globe. Although the comforts of home, some of these places take its guests to a whole new architectural experience that rivals any ordinary fast food chain.

    To see what we mean, take a look at these cool fast food restaurants. Maybe they’ll be a spot to visit on your next vacation?

    Photo Credit: TheGuardian.com / TheGuardian.com / Khmaladze.ge

  • KFC - Los Angeles, CA

    KFC - Los Angeles, CA

    This Frank Gehry-designed KFC is a stunner. Customers order the food on the first floor, and pick up their orders on the second floor by way of a dumbwaiter. The curving lines paired with opposing geometric shapes is characteristic of Gehry designs but serve some of the yummiest chicken around.

    Photo Credit: TheGuardian.com

  • Starbucks - Ibn Battuta Mall - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    Starbucks - Ibn Battuta Mall - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    This has to be one of the most beautiful Starbucks ever! Situated in the Ibn Battuta Mall, which is one of the most ornate malls in the world, the beautiful mosaics and brights colors will wake you up before you ever touch the coffee.

    Photo Credit: TheGuardian.com

  •  McDonald’s - Yangshuo, China

    McDonald’s - Yangshuo, China

    Chow down on a Big Mac while taking in the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo. Popular with hikers and sightseers, Yangshuo is noted for its natural beauty and high peaks... and now the most serene McDonald’s ever.

    Photo Credit: Flavorwire.com

  • Taco Bell - Pacifica, CA

    Taco Bell - Pacifica, CA

    Love the tacos, but hate the scenery at your local Taco Bell? Get the ultimate chill experience at this Taco Bell in the coastal beach town of Pacifica, California. It even has a beach walk-up for surfers looking for a bite to eat.

    Photo Credit: Jaunted.com

  • McDonalds - Batumi, Georgia

    McDonalds - Batumi, Georgia

    While traversing the historic sites of the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia take a pit stop at this incredible McDonald’s. The sleek, modernist design was created by architect Giorgi Khmaladze who combined eco-friendly with fast food by placing a vegetation station that acts as an “ecological shield” in the restaurant.

    Photo Credit: Khmaladze.ge

  • McDonald's Drive Thru - Ulsan, South Korea

    McDonald's Drive Thru - Ulsan, South Korea

    Drive up to these bright and colorful lights at this South Korean McDonald’s. A combination of a McDonald’s and a self-serve gas station, which is a relatively new concept, this place makes the ultimate pit stop selfie.

    Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/jasonteale

  • Starbucks - Porto Chino Thailand

    Starbucks - Porto Chino Thailand

    This highly conceptual Starbucks in Porto Chino is not only beautiful, it also offers a full dine-in experience from soups to pies.

    Photo Credit: BankokPost.com

  • KFC - Keflavik, Iceland

    KFC - Keflavik, Iceland

    Although daunting in appearance, this modernist-styled building houses a KFC. The high and long windows give guests a sea view, while the long horizontal lines of the building echo the Icelandic landscape.

    Photo Credit: SkySkraperCity.com

  • Burger King - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Burger King - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    This Burger King restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina is fit for royalty. Guests can enjoy the Corinthian columns and ornate ceiling work while eating some charbroiled goodness.

    Photo Credit: ForrestBrown.com

  • Starbucks - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Starbucks - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    While we all are warned about *certain* coffeehouses in Amsterdam, this Starbucks is an actual coffeehouse. Located in a vault of a historic bank in Rembrandtplein, the coffee isn’t just the star at this place. Made from local and recycled materials, the homey meets modern interior has guests coming for the coffee but staying for the interior.

    Photo Credit: FastCodeDesign.com 

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