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The flavors of our favorite soups are too good to pass up, so why let them just be in soups? Here are some appetizing and creative ideas on how to use your beloved broths in the rest of your cooking.

1. Pasta flavoring: Substitute water with Swanson® broth for a much richer, more flavorful dish.  Want to get really creative? Use one of the new Swanson® Flavor Infused Broths such as Cajun or Tuscan Chicken to really heighten your next risotto recipe.  

2. Poach chicken and/or fish in broth: Poaching chicken or fish in their own juices gives the protein a full-bodied flavor that simply poaching in water does not. Swanson® Chicken Broth or Swanson® Seafood Stock are great options for this! 

3. Use broth as liquid component for salad dressing recipes: Oil and vinegar is tried and true of dressings for salads, but if you substitute broth for the vinegar, your taste buds will be taken on a new culinary adventure! 

4.  Sautee food in broth instead of oil. While oil can be dense and sometimes bland, broth has plenty of flavor that can enhance your dishes!  By sautéing your dishes in broth instead of oil, you are opening up your next meal to complimenting flavors that are sure to make your mouth water! 

5. Add broth to savory bread or muffin recipe. Baking always calls for a liquid component, so why not substitute broth for water to give your muffins and dinner rolls a heartier, more flavorful taste.

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