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  • Upgrade The Average Snow Cone

    Upgrade The Average Snow Cone

    A childhood favorite for many, the Snow Cone has given us syrup drenched memories for years. 

    Instead of getting the standard cherry or blueberry, kick up the standard Snow Cone into a classy treat.

    Click through to get recipes for some of the yummiest Snow Cone ideas we've ever seen!

  • Sangria Granita

    Sangria Granita

    Take a break and enjoy some Sangria... in snow cone form. Learn to make the recipe here

    Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm

  • Cake Batter

    Cake Batter

    Stray away from the carbs in this yummy birthday alternative

    Photo Credit: Crazy For Crust

  • Blueberry St. Germain Margarita

    Blueberry St. Germain Margarita

    Stain your lips purple the old fashion way, with a snow cone. Find the recipe here

    Photo Credit: Oh So Beautiful Paper

  • Homemade Root Beer

    Homemade Root Beer

    Don't have any ice cream for a root beer float? No problem! Learn to make the icy alternative now

    Photo Credit: Dine & Dish

  • Moscato Slush

    Moscato Slush

    Class up your summer party with a moscato slush. Learn the easy to make recipe here

    Photo Credit: Jordan's Onion

  • Mango Tequila

    Mango Tequila

    Who knew tequila and snow-cone mix? Get into this yummy mango madness with this creative recipe

    Photo Credit: Honestly Yum

  • Strawberry Coconut Shaved Ice

    Strawberry Coconut Shaved Ice

    Mix summer fruits into a delicious summer drink. Learn to make it here

    Photo Credit: House of Yum

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