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upside-down-salad-recipeSalad in a Jar- A One-Container Wonder!

Have you been seeing pictures of salad in a jar with all the ingredients hidden at the bottom? Were you confused at how on earth that would be practical? Well, we were too. Until we discovered the salad jar’s true purpose; and upside down salad!

Best To-Go Salad

An upside down salad is the perfect solution to bringing a salad to work all in one, handy container. Stacking the ingredients with the dressing at the bottom, keeps the lettuce fresh and crispy while allowing the dressing to still be in the jar. When you’re ready to eat it, simply flip over the salad in a jar, let the dressing filter down and pour the contents onto a plate. Eating it, you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it before!

Upside Down Salad Recipe: Ingredients & Instructions

Here is a basic guide to an upside down salad. Swap out our suggestions for you favorite salad ingredients.
  • Use a large mason jar or quart sized container. Old pasta sauce jars or take-out soup containers work great.
  • Add a couple tablespoons of your favorite dressing to the bottom of the salad jar.
  • Slice and stack wet salad ingredients like tomatoes, beans, olives or salad peppers.
  • Next, throw in dryer ingredients such as carrots, sprouts, or sliced green peppers- don't forget the cheese!
  • Then, add some protein! Hard-boiled egg, leftover steak, grilled chicken, or tuna fish work great. 
  • Pack the rest of the jar with lettuce. Try mixing in some superfood kale and top off with romaine lettuce.
  • Screw on the lid.

Don’t turn the salad jar upside down until you’re ready to eat it! When lunch time rolls around, cover the top with a plate and tip over the jar to let the dressing fall through the delicious ingredients. Slowly pull up the jar (to your co-workers amazment) and enjoy your perfectly mixed and fresh salad!

See below for assembly- steps 1, 2, and 3!


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