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Belgium defeated USA with a 2-1 score, crushing a nation's hope for World Cup glory.

We believed. We hoped. But it wasn't enough for Team USA to move forward in the World Cup as Belgium won the round of 16 match during extra time. Belgium will advance to the quarterfinals and play Argentina. As for the US, it's a bittersweet end to what was an incredible time in Brazil.

The game was tough from start to end. When there was no score after regulation ended, it went into overtime. Belgium scored a quick goal to take the lead (by midfielder Kevin De Bruyne), and another goal soon followed (by striker Romelu Lukaku). 



As things began to look slim for the US, they got encouragement from the highest office in the land.


They also had some intense fans hoping things would turn out in their favor.



American player Tim Howard pushed hard, keeping more goals from coming in.


Fans like you and us were watching with excitement and anticipation as well as award-winning celebs like Tom Hanks. 


The U.S. would later get their own to make the score 2-1, but were unable to score again before time ran out. 2002 was the only time that USA has won a round of 16 match. In that year, the country had advanced the furthest since it made the semifinals in 1930. 

After the game, the U.S. team tweeted thanks to all those who supported its run through the World Cup.



Well, we can say it was definitely not a boring game...and all of us at Womensforum are incredibly proud of Team USA's accomplishments at the 2014 World Cup! It's safe to say we've become bigger sports fans (the hotties do help) and we're excited to see how the rest of the nations do throughout the World Cup's run. 

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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