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Home World Cup Match Updates New Team USA's Jerseys Have Classic, Clean Look

New Team USA's Jerseys Have Classic, Clean Look

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2010-world-cup-jerseyNike makes bold change for team USA's jerseys for the 2014 World Cup.

In previous years, the Men's professional USA soccer team have sported bold blues, reds, and even red and white stripes to represent the countries colors and flag themes. In 2010 World Cup, USA wore navy blue with a diagonal white stripe, which stood out on the field. Instead of using blue or red as the main jersey color for this year's World Cup, Nike decided to go with a classier, all-white look.

14-10-world-cup-jerseysSimple & Classy Describe 2014 Jersey

Stripes and stars define America's color themes, but Nike decided to go with a different type of look for the 2014 World Cup.

Typically white is used as the team's second-choice jerseys (which are used when opposing teams have the same colored jerseys, so teams aren't confused from a distance), however, this year Nike is using white as their main look, with a solid red as their second jersey choice. Compared to 2010's diagonal stripe, the jersey's are solid white with light gray pinstripe lines.

The uniform shorts are plain white with a red stripe down the side, and the socks are white as well. The most surprising part of the new jersey, however, is the blue triangle inside the jersey with the white stars to symbolize the flag. Almost like our boys are taking a piece of home with them to wish them luck!

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