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7 Ways To Stay Healthy While TravelingWhether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it's easy to catch a cold while on an airplane or on the road. Here are seven tips to keep you healthy while traveling:


1. Wipe out: Bring hand wipes with to wipe down surfaces.

  • In the air: wipe down the armrest and tray table
  • In the room: wipe down the phone, light switch, bathroom handles including sink and toilet flusher as well as the remote control.

2. Turn on the air: It is a good practice while on an airplane to turn on the air conditioning vent overhead and aim it at your chest.  This helps push the stagnant air away from you and protect you from being exposed to an infection from circulating viruses.

3. Drink up: Hydrating is key to avoiding travel discomforts like constipation or dry sinuses. It also helps you from developing potentially fatal blood clots from being stuck in one position for long periods of time.

4. Stretch: Getting up while on an airplane or taking rest breaks while driving can help get circulation moving and help avoid low back pain and circulatory problems. Simple reaches overhead and windmill type moves can be easy enough on a roadside stop but less practical on a plane. However, get up and walking to the back of the plane and twisting the waistline can still help increase circulation.

5. Wash up: As with preventing any cold or flu virus, washing hands or using hand sanitizer can be your best defense. This step could reduce your chance of getting sick by 50%.

6. Clean sheet: When staying in a hotel, remember to take the comforter or bedspread off before dropping in for a nap. The sheets are changed at the end of one's stay but bedspreads are  washed less often.  Best practice is to sleep between the sheets.

7. Flip flops or Slippers: Whether you're staying at a hotel or a friend's house, it's a good practice to wear something on your feet. Flip flops needed be worn necessarily in the shower, but wear them on the carpet where vacuuming may be done less often.

It's a bummer to get sick while trying to relax. Boost your immune system while away as well with healthy choices of fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of fast foods.

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