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Valentine’s Day Dinner At Home

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Couple-in-the-KitchenWhy go out and celebrate with everyone else? Have a cozy dinner for two at home! 

The restaurants and bars on Valentine’s Day are always loud, crowded, and everything on the menu is overpriced! If you feel like having a cozy dinner for two at home, we’ve got some great Valentine’s Day dinner ideas for you to try with your man. Get your house decorated for the occasion with sweet smelling candles, pretty decorations, and some sensual music.

Here are three romantic Valentine’s Day dinner ideas for you two to enjoy at home! 

Cook Together 

Part of the fun of being together is experimenting together. Try a new recipe, buy all the ingredients and cook together, but have fun with it! Be goofy and romantic. Bake dessert together too. If you’re making something chocolaty, let him lick the chocolate off your finger. That’ll spice up the evening! We suggest cooking pasta together. It’s a fun dish where you can add your own little twist plus, it’s great to eat together. Think Lady and the Tramp!

Valentine’s Day Theme 

Have your Valentine’s Day dinner at home be themed. Red and pink are the main colors! Decorate the table with red scented candles, pink plates, napkins, and pretty roses for the centerpiece. Keep it casual and make heart-shaped pizzas. Or really go all out and make filet mignons with a balsamic glaze, which is naturally a pretty deep red color. The best part? Dessert! How about some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne? What about heart shaped cookies? The sky is the limit! 

Crock Pot 

Maybe you and your Valentine want to go out to a movie and then come home for a quiet dinner? Well, using a crock-pot is a great way to get a delicious meal without all the work. Try making a yummy pork dinner and throw all the ingredients into the crock pot before your movie and come home to a scrumptious meal all ready for you!


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