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valentines-day-gift-basket-ideasGift baskets are a fun and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. They tell the recipient you thought to make something special just for them. Here are a few items to include in a gift basket - some savory and some sweet. And if an engagement ring is in your future, I have an online suggestion for that too.

1. Sahale Snacks

Sahale Snacks ($4.99--$5.99) bring together quality spices, fruits and nuts in interesting and tasty combinations. These individual packets are perfect for hikes, in school lunches and to keep in the car for that “must have” snack. Look for Sahale Crunchers, Nut Blends, Glazed Nuts and Seasoned Nuts. Any of these are perfect additions to your gift basket. sahalesnacks.com


2. Pearls and Early California Olives

Third generation California olive supplier Musco Family Olive Co. has 2 brands of olives: Pearls and Early California Olives ($1.79/6 ounce can, whole, $1.49/2.25 ounce can, sliced). Their olives use nearly half of the 27,000-acre California olive crop.  They are packed in tin cans and jars and are available in both black and green with a variety of flavorings. olives.com

3. Sea Salt Candy

Dark Chocolate Bliss - "Hide It" 8 oz. box ($14.95) is toffee loaded with fresh smoky flavored Chico almonds and covered with dark chocolate, walnuts and sea salt. This made in California quality toffee is gluten-free and also available in milk chocolate and white chocolate. seasaltcandy.com


4. Microplane

Microplane graters originated when a Canadian housewife used one of her husband’s favorite woodworking tools to grate an orange for her Armenian Orange cake. The rest, as they say, is history.  Today there are many different grater styles for both home cooks and professional chefs. I recently tested the Microplane Premium Classic Zester/Grater ($14.95) and found that it works well on citrus, hard cheese and ginger. Surely a gift any foodie would use. microplane.com

5. Alexia

Although these products cannot go in your gift basket, they can go in your freezer.  Alexia ($3.99) quality, all natural frozen side dishes include potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked appetizers, artisan breads, oven baked French fries, and potato and vegetable sides.  A few of my favorites are the Sweet Potato Rolls, Oven Fries Wedge Cut and the Sweet Potato Fries. alexiafoods.com

6. James Allen

And last but not least, if an engagement rings is in your future, take a look at those offered on this website.  You can design your own ring and James Allen offers 60 day 100% refunds. The diamond and gemstone rings move 360 degrees so you can view the complete stone and setting. jamesallen.com

For more food, wine and recipes, check out Sally Bernstein!

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