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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Guys

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Guys-gift-guide-for-VdayGet her one of these gift ideas that she'll love you for.

Shopping for someone else is difficult, especially on specific holidays. Shopping for a girlfriend or wife can be even more difficult around Valentine’s Day. Depending on your relationship and how long you two have been in a relationship, you don’t want to overstep your boundaries and buy her something too sexy or something you don't know if she'll like.

Since it's Valentine's Day, you have to get this one right. Since women are sometimes considered indecisive and picky, here’s how you can shop for her with our Valentine’s Day gift guide for guys.

Valentine's Day Shopping Guide For Guys

Something to wear. This can be a watch, sexy dress she can wear on date night, or lingerie if you two are at that level in your relationship. If this is a new relationship or you both have just taken your commitment to each other a step farther, don’t buy her lingerie. This might send the wrong message. You don’t want to offend her and make her think you’re thinking of one thing.

Something scented. Women like to smell good and smell things that smell good. Find out what her favorite fragrances are and buy a few. Find out what scents makes her feel down right sexy, what makes her feel calm, or what makes her comfortable. She can decorate her bedroom or bathroom with lovely scented candles that’ll set the mood no matter what mood that is.Perfume-for-her

Something to see. Women like receive things from men that make them feel like they’re understood. Buying her something to decorate her home to add to her style or a piece of art to add to her collection would make her feel loved. Get her something she can look at that will make her think of you. Don’t think to small and not too big, just think about what she likes. Did she run away from a bee your first date which ended in your first kiss? A small picture of a beautiful bee might make her mushy and fall in love with your thoughtfulness all over again. Just think about what’s visually appealing that also works on her emotional side.

Something to do. Is she a theatre geek? Does she enjoy bed and breakfasts? Does she like to ski? Is she into art galleries? Get her something that she can enjoy doing alone or with you. A weekend getaway to a place she’s never been, but has always dreamt about or tickets to see a theatre production are both good ideas. Think about what she likes to do that she doesn’t get to do often that you can also share with her, even if it’s not your type of scene. It’ll show you’re interested in her being happy and that you care to spend the time with her in new adventures.


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