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Valentine’s Day Manicures and Nail Art

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vdaynailartRock a romantically cute manicure this Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, skip the nail salon and create your own stunning Valentine’s Day manicure and nail art at home! We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks so you can pull off a romantically festive manicure in no time! Try something simple like a solid shade of pink or kick it up a notch with some Valentine’s Day inspired nail art

Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas

French Manicure. But, spice it up a bit. Instead of sticking to the classic French manicure with a white tip, make your tips light pink or red. Simply place a piece of tape at your smile line on your nail and paint the tip. Wait until dried a little to peel the tape off. Do this slowly!

Solid colors. Paint your whole nail a solid color like a pink or red. This is a great yet simple Valentine’s Day manicure that you can do so easily at home.

Sparkles. Sparkles make everything look better. Add a little sparkle to your funky new French manicure or put a thin coat of sparkles over your solid colored nails to give it a little edge.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Sticker decals. Your local drugstore will have Valentine’s Day nail art stickers or just order them online. These are so easy to put on your nails. Alternate nails or put little hearts on each nail. The possibilities are endless!

Polka dots. Apply a base coat to your nails. Then apply a coat or two of white polish and let dry. Once completely dried, using a toothpick, dip into pink and red polishes and place little polka dots all over your nail bed. Let dry and apply a top coat. This is a fabulous girly look that takes no time!

Hearts. Make your own hearts! Paint your nails white and let dry. Once dry, use a toothpick and carefully create a heart on your nail. It doesn’t have to be perfect because this is just your outline. Then, using a nail art polish (polish with a long, thin brush) complete the heart outline a little thicker. Let dry and apply a top coat.

Nail art in a bottle. You can find nail art in a bottle from any of your favorite leading nail polish brands. Head to your local store and keep an eye out for pink textured nail polish or sparkly polish that has little heart flakes in them. Simply brush on and your nails are already decorated for you! What’s your favorite DIY Valentine’s Day manicure?

Photos: Polish Hoarder (Candy nails, top photo), PixiePolish (XOXO nails)

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