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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

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Valentines Day Outfit IdeasPick the perfect outfit to match up with what kind of night you’re planning!

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start figuring out what you should wear. People celebrate in a variety of ways and this means the perfect Valentine's outfit is completely up to what your plans look like. Check out these tips to create the best Valentine’s Day outfit for you!


iStock 000014305197SmallCasual Valentine's Day Outfits

If you want to stick to a movie and take-out for your date and a relaxed evening, casual is absolutely the way to go. You wouldn’t want to overdress for a carton of Lo Mein. Here are some ideas that can help you stay cute, yet comfortable.

  • A pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. No holes! If they have some stretch, it makes curling up on the couch possible without constantly having to adjust and pull your pants up.
  • A simple pair of flats or even a cute pair of moccasins you can lounge around the house in.
  • For the top, there a couple things to try out. With the high rise jeans, you could tuck in a cute button up or pair a nice blouse with a bold cardigan.
  • Don’t worry about accessorizing. This look is clean and doesn’t need anything over-the-top.

Cute Valentine's Day Outfits

If your V-Day plans have you out and about all day long, try dressing up in a way that is perfect while on the go. Perhaps you’re going putt-putting or having a day full of surprises set up by your date. These are some things that are ready for anything.

  • A casual dress. Nothing too tight or short. You want a dress that will move with you, not drive you crazy as you’re walking around and traveling from place to place.
  • Add a knit cardigan for texture, especially if you might get cold.
  • A nice pair of tights and boots would be perfect to go with your dress. You don’t want to bust out the heels for a day of standing and walking around and spend Valentine’s Day evening bandaging up blisters!
  • If you’re going to be hopping from place to place, choose a smaller purse for the day. It may even be a good idea to have one with a skinny strap that can go around your body so you won’t set it down and leave it somewhere!

Fancy Valentine's Day Outfits

This means your date is taking you out for a night of fine dining and maybe some romantic dancing. Now is the time to go all out.

  • Pick a more structured dress or blouse-skirt combo that is going to show off your body in a good way. Stick to warm, romantic colors. Try and avoid neon and brights at all costs.
  • A comfortable pair of pumps can make your outfit. This is where a bold color can really make things pop or you could easily goes with the classic nude.
  • If your arms are bare, definitely choose a simple bracelet. Stay away from bangles—they may be too noisy and distracting in a nice restaurant. Also, try out a statement ring that really pops!

By keeping these tips in mind, your Valentine’s Day look will be perfect no matter what your plans look like! Just remember to keep a level of comfort and enjoy your night to the fullest!


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