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valentines-lunch-for-the-kids-1Ideas for showing your kids the love in their brown bags.

Valentine’s Day might have originated with Cupid and been updated with the modern date night idea. However, somehow it’s not just about love birds anymore. The kids, like they do with everything, seem to have gotten in on the action. The "gift-giving and a day for them too" kind of action we mean. Well, rather than fight it, we say embrace it, because after all they are the loves of our lives too.

So in addition to the heart printed PJs you might be buying them or the red football you found, there are some homemade and healthy ways you can say "I heart you." Since V-Day is on a Friday this year, use these ideas for showing your kids the love in their brown bag lunch.

You don’t need to be crafty or the avid cook to pull off ideas for showing your kids you love them them. In fact, these are so easy you might find them turning right around and making them for you. Still they’re thoughtful, fun and delicious. Just think red, pink, white and even purple and you’ll be all set!

Top Five Ways to Spruce up Your Child’s Brown Bag Lunch on Valentine’s Day

  • Shaped Sandwich: This may be a super old trick, but it works every time. Take heart-shaped cookie cutters to “cut” the sandwich you’ve made into shapes. There might be a little waste but it’s a one-time thing plus it’s the crust they always discard anyway.
  • Red Filling: Think red, pink or white when deciding what’s to go in the sandwich. If you have a meat and potatoes kind of bunch, then roast beef, salami or ham should do the trick. For more adventurous eaters, try different combos of Nutella (yes, it’s brown but haven’t you heard of V-Day chocolates? And it’s a good base for the festive stuff), Fluff and strawberry preserves.
  • Fruit Designs: A plain container of strawberries or raspberries will work well. Or get a little more creative and cut your strawberries (along natural lines) to resemble hearts or think outside the normal fruit choices and go for pomegranates or just their seeds. They’re messy but popular.
  • Frosting and Sprinkles: Lay it on - it’s Valentine’s Day! Mini cupcakes with frosting or cookies dusted with sugar (pink, red and white of course!) will make your kids hearts get all a flutter.
  • Love Notes: Don’t forget to stick a note in the bag (sometimes it’s fun to put on the napkin). A few special words with lots of “x”s and “o”s will light up your child’s day. It’s actually something to think of doing all school year long.

The little effort on your part to make a loving meal for your kids in their brown bag lunch will be well worth it. You may even get a big smooch before they get on the bus! 

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