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Apparently 10 percent of Americans are now vaping, according to a recent survey. The online Ipsos/Reuters study which surveyed 5,679 adults, concluded that the number of e-cigarette users is on the rise.

However the increase doesn't necessarily mean that cigarette smokers are ditching their cigs and solely getting their nicotine fix from the e-cigarettes. Rather, the study showed that 75 percent of smokers are supplementing their tobacco use with vaporizers - which is concerning as their safety and health risks are still being analyzed by the FDA. 

Interestingly enough, 80% of e-cigarette users surveyed thought that using the devices would help them quit smoking while only 40% of the general population felt that way. In addition, 70% of e-cigarette smokers had started within the past year. 

E-cigarettes, which are made of metal, heat liquids and nicotine so that the substances can be inhaled. While e-cigarette companies are not allowed to market their products as smoking cessation aids, the study shows that many are under that impression because of the lower amount of nicotine in vaporizers compared to tobacco products. 

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