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We are firm believers in the fact that any and every home can benefit from adding a little bit more greenery. But for those of us who are lacking in square footage, finding space for a potted plant, let alone a garden can seem next to impossible.

So instead of attempting to grow a sad sunflower in that slightly cracked terra cotta planter on your apartment's back porch, take your green thumb to a whole new level by starting a vertical garden. 

The best thing about vertical gardening is there's not just one right way to do it. If you're a total DIY diva, you can construct your own hanging baskets to plant your favorite blooms. If you're an eco-goddess you could turn reclaimed wooden pallets into chic shelving style planters. With the proper execution, your vertical garden could even become a beautiful piece of wall art in your living room.

The only limit for a vertical garden is your creativity (and your ceiling height if you're installing it indoors). In case you need a little inspiration, here's seven of our favorite vertical gardens.

1. Outdoor Areas

2. DIY And Crafts Ideashanging-garden-2

3. The Horticulthanging-garden-3

4. 1001 Gardens

5. Curblyhanging-garden-5

6. Handimaniahanging-garden-6

7. Butterbinhanging-garden-7

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