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What is the secret of good old-fashioned very funny short stories that always make you laugh? Often in the gloom and doom of Bad News Ville there are knights in shining armor, who equipped with nothing more than a collection of very funny short stories always manage to save the day! After all laughter is the best medicine on the planet!


Live a Little Laugh a Lot

People have used humor to soften the impact of bad news as it comforts, relaxes, reduces pain and spreads happiness. Humor is a remarkable tool that is so simple to apply in everyday life that it's actually child's play! Television has understood the connection between humor and feeling good since the early days of classic sit-coms like I Love Lucy, the Flintstones and Happy Days to name just a few. These terrific very short funny stories have entertained countless families when they originally featured, and still amuse today's generation through innumerable reruns.

Humor is one of the best tools to combat depression and negativity as you simply cannot worry and laugh at the same time! Type in any of these phrases: very funny short stories, tall tales, funny jokes or quotes into your favorite search engine for your daily dose of the sweet elixir that produces lots of side splitting laughter. Here are two of my favorite very funny short stories guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial!

  • Peter, Tim and Rod were attending a conference together and were sharing the penthouse suite of a luxurious 5 star resort which was located on the top floor. Having been in meetings all daylong they were disappointed to find that the lifts were all out of order upon their return as they would have to now climb 75 flights of stairs to get to their suite. They decided to break the monotony by concentrating on something amusing and interesting. Peter would tell jokes for the first 25 flights, Tim could sing songs for the next 25 flights, and Rod had the task of telling sad stories for the remaining flights of stairs. At the 26th floor Peter stopped telling jokes and Tim began to sing. At the 51st floor Rod began his sad story recital with: "I left the room key in the car!"
  • Police Officer Smith delighted that he had found the perfect hiding spot where he could catch speeding motorists. He was amazed that during one particular watch there were absolutely no speeding drivers. Deciding to investigate, he found 10 year old entrepreneurial Jonny was to blame. A little way down the road he held a huge sign that stated "Radar Trap Ahead." His accomplice located just 100 yards after the radar trap stood with another sign reading "Tips" and a bucket overflowing with change stood at his feet!

Remember, laughter is the best medicine and he who laughs loudest wins!

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