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video-of-sweetest-wedding-proposa-melted-our-heartsWithin a few minutes, we were crying over this sweet and epic proposal!

You’ve probably seen plenty of proposal videos that make you reach for the tissue box but this proposal video will make your blubber like a baby! A team at NBC helped put together a surprise proposal for a sweet young couple for the upcoming premiere of the show Marry Me. The show premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

Your heart will melt as you watch! The groom-to-be Bret got all of his new fiancée’s family to fly out and participate, sang to the song "Geronimo" by the Australian band Sheppard and hired dozens of dancers to put together a larger-than-life show for his bride Jovan (she said yes, by the way). 

The two met in her hometown of Chicago, and then randomly ran into each other the following week in Orlando when Bret was on a business trip and she was on vacation. Now that’s fate!

They had a long-distance relationship for sometime but she moved to Los Angeles earlier this year to be with him, and hadn't seen her family or friends in months... which is why it was so perfect to have her family help with the proposal! Check out this amazing proposal video and make sure to have some tissues near you…or the whole box.  

Photo Credit: YouTube

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