Vintage-Inspired Clothes To Spice Up Your WardrobeWhether you are a fashionista or every day woman trying to find her unique style, there are so many different vintage pieces that are right for you!

Check out our ideas on how you can vintage-ize your wardrobe!

  • iStock 000027921586SmallCostume jewelry: Gaudy, statement pieces are definitely something you want to add to your wardrobe to channel your inner vintage. Classic rhinestone pieces along with pearl inspired pieces are just some of the current trends.Be sure to keep them tucked away safe in a container like a wooden jewelry box. Depending on the material it usually helps to clean them with glass cleaner and a wipe. 
  • Metallic leather pencil skirts are a trend from the nineties that is definitely making its way to the runway. They come in such unique colors like purple, navy blue and of course bronze. With these pieces, you can keep your top simple. The skirt says enough all on its own! The great part is pencil skirts have the ability to bring out any shape no matter how curvy or petite. 
  • A little black dress: This trend is not going away anytime soon, if ever. But really, anything black will represent the vintage style properly as will white/cream shades. Even mixing the two in patterns like stripes, leopard and polka dot will give you the vintage look as well.
  • Oversized jean jackets: While fitted denim jackets have been a style for as long as I can remember, the oversized look is coming back. It looks absolutely adorable when you pair it with a fitted sundress or even a tee and leggings if you’re going for a more casual look. Depending on how oversized it is, you can even put a sweater on the inside and wear it like a real jacket. Some also have unique prints like floral and leopard to add unique style. Can’t go wrong with it! 
  • What would a vintage wardrobe be without a retro t-shirt? It’s safe to say the design options are endless. Whether you plan on wearing one to a date night at the movies, or just to look cute around the house, a retro tee has several purposes my friend. A few of the cutest ones I’ve seen feature famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley and The Who. But others that have NASA or rep NFL teams make just as much of a statement. Add a cute pair of skinny jeans along with those vintage earrings and you’re set. 

It might sound ironic but the vintage trend won’t be going out of style for awhile.These days the everyday girly is tapping into her inner self and simply making it her own.

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