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Babies are some of the most loveable, huggable creatures on Earth. Lions, on the other hand, aren’t. But that doesn’t stop this fashionable little tyke from trying!

This little one and his family were visiting a lion enclosure at the El Paso Zoo when he met Zari, a seven-year-old lioness. The baby squeals in delight as he taps on the (hopefully very thick) glass, prompting Zari to start pawing right back at him.

The adorable and somewhat nerve-wracking exchange goes on for about a minute. Luckily, neither one of them succeed at their attempted hug, and the baby lets out a victory yell.

Since no babies or lions were injured in the making of this video, we’ve deemed it safe to watch. However, Craig Packer of the Lion Research Center at the University of Minnesota, says the baby and his family were lucky to have the lion behind glass.

"Some of the lions look quite playful in their attempts," he told Slate. "Sometimes lions and cheetah will spend several minutes playing with wildebeest calves or gazelle fawns before finally chomping them." He also said that "predators generally treat calves/fawns/babies differently from adults because they are such easy prey; there’s no real chance of escape, so what’s the hurry?"

If you’re brave enough to watch, check out the video below. Spoiler alert: the baby and his cute outfit do not get gobbled up. 

 Photo Credit: YouTube

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