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Most of us have had a teacher who changed our life in some way, whether they knew it or not. An insurance company teamed up with SoulPancake to make sure at least five teachers out there heard exactly how they touched the lives of their students. 

These five teachers were invited to share their thoughts on educating kids. It wasn't until a few of their students showed up that they realized they would be learning a lesson in gratitude from their students instead. Grab a tissue because this one is going to hit you in the heart.

The video was the result of a partnership between SoulPancake and California Casualty, an insurance company that targets people who serve the community, like teachers, firefighters and nurses.

"We thought it would be helpful to create a space where educators could come together to discuss these challenges."             ~California Casualty

California Casualty says the project was born out of a desire to reach teachers who may not realize the impact they have on students' lives. Since they couldn't physically reach all teachers, they settled for inviting five teachers to a studio under the guise of an interview, but what they didn't tell them was that some of their students were also invited. The result was a lot of laughs, tears and hugs!

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