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skype-friends-meet-first-timeThis is a story how two strangers met online with the same lifestyle challenges and how everything changed for them.

Your best friend might be someone you've known your whole life or someone you block out specific time for every week, but for Sarah and Paige, they were best friends before they met in person.


Sarah and Paige's friendship formed when their mothers met each other online seeking support because both of their daughters were born without a left arm. The mothers lost touch after a while, but Sarah wanted to reconnect with Paige because she needed to have a friend that she could identify with and share the same things with. After that a deep bond was formed. The two quickly established a trust with each other, sharing things like overcoming confidence issues.

They were able to share everything with each other like how to do their nails, despite only being virtual friends over Skype. It did not matter to them that they had never met each other in real life. Before meeting through the help of Skype, they had managed to form a strong and lasting virtual friendship by video-chatting, even though there was an 18-hour time zone difference.

They’ve been best friends since they were eight-years-old and only recently after eight years, they had the chance to meet each other in person. Sarah lives in Indiana and Paige is located in New Zealand.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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