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Vitamin C Treatment

In our modern society of today more and more women are using the birth control pill as a way to prevent pregnancy. This is mainly because although their has been an increase in production of a variety of different birth control methods the pill is still the most popular as well as one of the most effective.

Does Vitamin C Reverse Birth Control?

When you take the pill it allows you the option to choose when you want to get pregnant. However Vitamin C has an effect on birth control. Throughout the years the overall effectiveness of the birth control pill has drastically improved however, the overall concept of how the pill is used still remains the same today as it was when it was first introduced.

One thing that a lot of women are unaware of is that there are two most common hormones that are found within the birth control pills is estrogen and progesterone. The combinations of both of these hormones will prevent a woman that is taking the birth control pill from ovulating during her monthly cycle. However, the combination of these two hormones actually leads to a vitamin deficiency in most women and this is especially true with Vitamin C. Therefore when you are taking birth control pills than it is very important that you also take Vitamin C along with other vitamin supplements.

Vitamin C is an important mineral that plays a very critical role in women. It will help them fight a variety of diseases and it will also helps to strengthen a womans immune system to be able to fight off certain illnesses as well as helping your system to repair any damaged cells that may exist.  It gets easier and easier to take vitamin C.  For example try the vitamin C fizzy to add some good nutrients to your diet.

One important fact to note however is that if you are taking vitamin C along with your birth control pill you need to space them at least 4 hours apart. You should never take the two together at the same time. Before doing so however, you need to consult with your doctor about the overall amount that you should intake. You need to also be aware of the various side effects that a lot of medications have on your body.

Another important role that you will notice that Vitamin C effect plays will be the overall replenishment of any lost nutrients that are brought on by the use of birth control pills. Although it is wise to have a planned pregnancy there are a variety of different effects that the pill will have on your body if taken for long periods of time. This is why it is important to discuss with your doctor about the options that you have available to you to help reduce these effects.

Vitamin C has a big effect on your health. While you are on the pill you not only delete yourself of Vitamin C but you also rob yourself of other vital minerals. Vitamin C is extremely important to aide in your overall immune system. If you are on the pill talk to your doctor today about the amount of Vitamin C you need in your own body.

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