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Vitamins Women Need

Vitamins for Women, Vitamins Needed by Women, Vitamins a Woman Needs

Which Vitamins do Women need the Most?

The buzz around town these days is women's health and the "vital" importance of vitamin supplements. There are two essential mineral and two essential vitamins women need more than any other vitamin supplements. These are key and almost magical synergistic supplements that can help to help maintain a healthy intestinal environment, hormonal balance and strong bones. As we grow older the necessity to replenish our bodies with the nutrients grows even stronger.

Top Four Vitamins Women Need

According to the latest research studies on women's nutritional health, it was found that most of what women knew about vitamins in the past has greatly changed. This means that while most may think multi vitamins for women provides the recommended daily supplement required to maintain good health, this may not be the case, if any one of the four essential organic nutrients women need is missing or in a lower daily dose than recommended.

The best vitamins for women are Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Magnesium. These four essential nutrients have the biggest impact on women's health than all the rest. This means maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis, which is common in older women, or reducing the chances of heart disease by improving blood flow and even hormonal balances are sustain longer when these four vitamins are taken in proper daily doses.

Even though some vitamin products for women may enclose a laundry list of essential vitamins and minerals, which of course looks impressive and attractive to a health conscious woman, these vitamin products may only contain a daily value of 400ius of the vital vitamins women need. This is at least 50% percent under the recommended daily value.

Popular nutritional websites report, if the vitamin product doesn't contain a daily value of at least 800 to 1000ius or at least a suggested daily dosage that equals the recommended daily value, women can not maximize the vital nutritional resources they need to maintain internal and external homeostasis. This is not to say the other vitamins and minerals combined in multivitamin supplements for women are useless, but that multi vitamins typically contain an equal amount of the daily value of vitamins needed by women, which in most cases it's not enough.

  • Vitamin D

For this reason women are advised to supplement multi-vitamins dosages, if they fall below the recommended daily value, with other sources of food that are rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium. Check out these the essential vitamins and mineral for women and learn what their good for.

Vitamin D is also a very vital component to the prevention osteoporosis and strengthening bones. Especially since the primary cause of osteoporosis is due the deficiency of vitamin D and the body's inability to absorb calcium which helps build bones.

  • Calcium

Calcium rich Food Sources offers mineral women need more of in order to provide nutrition to bones and joints. Women need Vitamins and minerals like calcium for stronger bones and to prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin D is big nowadays since recent research suggests vitamin D plays a very important role in the absorption of calcium.

There are many products other than dairy that are rich in calcium that also contain vitamin D. That and the daily value received from multi-vitamins, which contains vitamin D should be sufficient enough to provide the vitamins women should have on a daily basis.

  • Vitamin K

A third and very important vitamin women need to naturally produce intestinal bacteria, the healthy kind is Vitamin K. The bacteria assisted by Vitamiin K helps with the proper absorption of the necessary nutrients from the large intestine and into the blood stream to feed the rest of the body. K is also important for blood clotting capabilities. Vitamin K is important to women's heath as it helps maintain regular bowel movements. Vitamin K can be found in specific yogurts, and high volumes are found in milk. Some people need to supplement however to maintain these levels.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is a powerful mineral women need in order to assist and absorb the other three nutrients. These vitamins serve an assistive role in strengthening bone. This amazing substance works great to relax muscles and prevent frequent cramping, maintain blood pressure, balance heart rate and the nervous system.

When it comes to women's health, whether young or old, we require the most delicate touch of hormonal balances. Specific needs of the body must be met to ensure strong bones and better blood flow, both of which reduce a woman's risk for heart diesase or other health conditions. Make sure these vitamins and minerals are a part of your routine daily diet and that they are taken in at the apporpriate daily values to maintain a healthy balanced body.