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The new social media challenge is sweeping platforms... but what’s the task at hand?

Just weeks after people finished dumping cold buckets of water over their heads as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, a new challenge is catching on. It’s called Wake Up Call Selfies and it may not be your typical sexy selfie. UNICEF, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is behind the challenge... but it’s not quite as cold or pretty either. 

UNICEF is asking people to post a picture or video of themselves right as they wake up and post it to social media with the hashtag #WakeupCall, and then tag three of their friends to donate to help Syrian children. Celebs have already been on board! Naomi Campbell posted a pic of herself (obviously looking gorgeous) as she woke up and Daisy Lowe, Tom Hiddleston, and Stephen Fry have also participated. 





#WAKEUPCALL Donate at www.wakeupcall.org.uk ❤️ I nominate @ChristinaMilian @MuvaRosebud & @ChanelWestCoast. Post a photo or video of yourself when you wake up & pass on #UNICEF

Exibir no Instagram


The bed head look is out to save the millions of children in Syria. You can give to UNICEF by texting "Syria" to 70007 if you live in the U.K., or head online to donate if you live outside the U.K.

So... will it work? Well, the Ice Bucket Challenge saw a big amount of donations so hopefully this too will catch on. Along with showcasing natural beauty and sharing ourselves in a not so decked out way, we can all help Syrian refugees. It's as simple a snap, click, post, donation. 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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