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Talk about inspiring! Actress Laurie Holden saved 55 lives in undercover operation.

The Walking Dead actress Laurie Holden recently participated in Operation Underground Railroad, a volunteer organization responsible for saving the lives of 55 sex slaves in Cartagena, Colombia.

Tim Ballard, a former CIA agent and Homeland Security investigator, founded Operation Underground Railroad. The group is filled with members who are regular American citizens and together, they essentially work to save lives. 

In a segment broadcasted by ABC News, audiences were able to watch the secretive mission as Ballard and a team of individuals from the organization distracted sex slaves while undercover police caught traffickers exchanging money on camera. The mission, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia, was documented by hidden cameras for a documentary to be released later, The Abolitionists.

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Ballard, who specializes in child sex trafficking cases, intended to capture Marcus Bronschidle, a famous Colombian sex trafficker. Bronschidle was successfully taken into custody along with three other traffickers after being caught showing interest and making an exchange for young girls. 

Famed actress Holden, 44, distracted the girls while arrests were made against the traffickers. Holden revealed an emotional statement following the effective task.

"When they first showed up, some of them looked really terrified. I talked to a few of them and asked them how old they were. Some were 12. Some were 13. Most were 14. One of the girls came in, embraced me, started to cry, then I started to cry. It’s a very um…" Holden said, trying to hold back tears.

She continued, "What makes me sad is that yes, we got four traffickers, and I hope they fry, but what makes me sad is that so many of these little girls, they don't know any different. I know we did some good tonight. But I know that more needs to be done." 

In an ABC video which is somewhat difficult to stomach, portrays the heroic acts of Operation Underground Railroad.

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