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wally-the-bunnyPhoto Credit: Instagram 

It's official. The cutest bunny on the planet has been found. His name is Wally, he's from Massachusetts and he probably has more Instagram followers than you. His owner Molly shares daily snapshots of the fuzzy fellow, which makes his account a must-follow, because honestly, who doesn't need more adorable bunny pictures in their life? 

Wally also has a  knack for fashion and can pull off pretty much any look, as demonstrated in the photos below.

Not just anyone can pull off a butterfly clip.

A true fashionista always takes risks.

Wally doesn't need to wait until his birthday to pull of this hat.

Shoe love is true love.

Wally always makes sure to get in his daily recommended vitamins like every healthy bunny should. 

The #HealthGoth aesthetic is so 2014. Wally's all about #HealthFluff

A casual feast for this fluffy buddy.

And Wally definitely understands the fine art of relaxation. 

Rocking chair: Check!  

Cozy bed: Check! 

Snuggle buddy: Check!

We could easily spend the rest of our day looking at pictures of Wally, but for the sake of getting anything done, here's one final pic of our favorite furry friend. 

If you haven't already followed Wally on Instagram, make sure you do here

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