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want-to-tone-do-strength-training-videoWant to tone your body? Don’t rule out strength training.

We see fitness models in magazines with toned arms and great legs. How do they do that?!

Well, believe it or not, we spend too much time doing cardio and not enough time on strength training. Program director at The Biggest Loser Ranch, Micaela Gruber, shares tips on the best way to tone your body.

Get the Most out of a Strength Training Routine

  • Start Small: Use dumb bells and do your strength training exercises at home. Don't be intimidated by the big weight racks at the gym.  
  • Get a Personal Trainer: Even if it's for just a few sessions, a personal trainer can teach you the right techniques for weight and strength training and simple exercises you can manage on your own.  
  • Find exercise routines and videos from magazines and YouTube that you can go off of. Most of them will show and teach you the proper techniques. 

If you just go to the gym and do cardio, you're only going to shed weight, not tone muscles. And remember, our muscles weaken with age. Strength training is a great way to keep them strong. Don't let weights scare you- they're now your new best friend! 

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