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Warm Weather Vacation Destinations

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warm-weather-vacation-destinationsIf you need a break from the cold weather this holiday season, these warm vacation hot spots will ensure some fun in the sun.

Winter weather means many wonderful things: the holidays quickly approaching, time to buy gifts for loved ones, and enjoying twinkling lights outside our homes. While most of us love these changes, it’s when the really cold weather hits where we can often find ourselves daydreaming about sparkling blue water, warm sand between our toes, and a fruity beverage. Most of us would love to take a warm winter excursion and travel somewhere that is exotic all year round.

This year if you are looking to treat yourself to a winter getaway, we have compiled a list of amazing warm weather places to vacation when it’s cold. These getaways are sure to put the bronze back in your skin because they hold some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida is the warm weather destination in the United States, as it is the city in the U.S. with the warmest weather during the coldest months of the year. Miami Beach also has the warmest ocean surf, with surface temperatures averaging around 75 degrees in the winter. The nightclub scene in Miami is also incredible, featuring dance clubs, bars, and nightclubs that hold a strong Latin influence. Miami Beach has shopping districts that showcase stores featuring the best designers in the world and can be considered a fashion paradise.


The Caribbean island of Barbados features their native dry season from December to May. During this time, temperatures average around 75 degrees. With this amazing weather and some of the purest water in the world, many of the daily activities focus around Barbados’ world class water sports. You can spend your day scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming with sea turtles. If you prefer to stay on dry land, you can opt for zip lining, or Segway Tours to explore the beautiful scenery. At night, enjoy traditional Bajan cuisine that consists of spicy, flavorful treats and traditional rum drinks, which are featured throughout the island.

Costa Rica

If breathtaking views are what you opt for, look no further than Costa Rica. With its world-renowned beaches, volcanoes and lush green scenery, Costa Rica is a true vision. Even better, December to April is considered Costa Rica’s summer season, averaging 80 degree weather. The wildlife in Costa Rica is world famous; a common activity that can be enjoyed is bird watching, which is often enjoyed in many areas due to the vast variety of birds. Additionally, the beaches in Costa Rica are breathtaking and host a variety of water activities, including rafting and surfing. The cuisine is spicy and flavorful and fresh fruit is abundant, many of the drinks in Costa Rica are made from the delicious fruit.

Whether you want to lie on the beach, participate in water sports or enjoy exotic food, these three warm weather destinations are great places to vacation in the winter. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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