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warning-signs-of-a-narcissistic-spouseIs Your Husband Self Centered?

There are millions of people in the world that crack jokes regarding a friend or family member's ego, and it is all in good fun. The reality is, there truly are people out there that suffer from a condition that effects the brain and encourages an arrogant or egotistical attitude to come out on a regular basis. That condition is called narcissism, and if you feel like your spouse only cares about himself, you may need to look into the warning signs of a narcissistic spouse.

Are You Married To A Narcissistic Personality?

There are some key symptoms you can review before making your husband a therapist appointment. Take a look at these symptoms first, then begin to make a plan to get your spouse the help he may need:

  • Does not respond to other's emotions
  • Thinks they are socially appropriate, even when they are clearly not
  • Brags about accomplishments often
  • Exaggerates often
  • Needs praise often
  • Desires a lot of power
  • Constant need for success
  • Thinks that they are better or higher than others
  • Sets unobtainable goals
  • Has low self esteem
  • Over sensitive to criticism, even constructive criticism
  • Thinks people may be jealous of them
  • Comes off as rough or tough
  • Gets hurt emotionally easily
  • Appears jealous of others
  • Makes cruel comments about others
  • Uses people
  • Has unrealistic expectations

Dealing with a Narcissistic Spouse

In the event that these qualities are present in your spouse, please do yourself a favor and go about this gently. Many people that suffer from narcissism will not admit it. They will become defensive, and they may even argue with you over just trying to help. You have to remember they think there is no issue they are suffering from emotionally.

Speak to your spouse candidly about his problem. Sit him down and advise him that you have noticed some behaviors and you just want to ensure that he is all right. Tell him how his behaviors make you feel inside. Explain that he portrays you both as a couple when you are with other people. Use specific examples of things he says if you need to get the point across. This will be difficult, but you must approach the situation calmly and logically.

Next, provide your husband with options for help. Have these ready ahead of time so you can act while your spouse has a better grasp on how serious this issue may be. There are therapists that can greatly help with this disorder and also medications that can decrease the triggers feeding the narcissism. To keep a healthy spouse at home, show him that you sincerely care by offering to go along with him to his sessions, even if you spend the whole time in the waiting room while he talks with his therapist. Always let your spouse know you are there for him if he needs you.

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