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Photo Credit: The Cut

You've seen the Cut's 100 Years video series - snapshots spanning a century of beauty looks from different cultures, all in two minutes or less. We showed you our favorite looks from Korea, Iran and the United States. Now, the Cut has released a new 2-minute video highlighting Indian beauty looks over the last 100 years. 


Photo Credit: The Cut

The beauty styles are very much inspired by Bollywood, especially from the 1960s on.


Photo Credit: The Cut

Some things we particularly love about this video are the ornamental bindis, various types of henna and hand adornments which don't change too much over time. In the last snapshot from the 2010s, the woman wears a relatively modern look - blown-out hair, glam makeup, matte skin - but with a bindi and henna decorations on her hands.









Photo Credit: The Cut

What's your favorite look? Check out the full Cut video here.



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