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Most moms aim to raise independent and healthy children, but the process can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. No one said parenting was easy, and teaching kids to make good choices can seem like a daunting task, even for super moms.

The key to effective parenting is "holding on really tight with a wide open hand," says Micki Grimland, owner and chief psychotherapist at Southwest Psychotherapy Associates.

She explains, "You engage in a way that the child feels some freedom of choices ... [but] the good thing about being a parent is you get to control the consequences of each choice."

Luckily for you, not all the "right" choices have to be the hard ones! Strike the right balance and connect with your kids over activities that'll be fun for the both of you like drinking tasty and nutritious TruMoo® Chocolate Milk, plus other lessons that are seamlessly mixed in with family time. 

Here are four ways to teach kids that good choices can be fun!

Drink Chocolate Milk Together

Connect with your kids over a simple act like drinking TruMoo® Chocolate Milk together. They'll bond with you by seeing you enjoy something they like, plus giving them a nutritious and delicious snack is a win-win! 

Swap out sodas in their lunches for some chocolate milk that'll give them the calcium they need with a crave-worthy chocolatey taste.  Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing TruMoo® Chocolate Milk contains no artificial growth hormones* or high fructose corn syrup.


You can find TruMoo® Chocolate Milk at your local grocery store or visit their Pinterest page for some recipes to make at home!

Make Face Masks

Teach your kids to start taking care of their skin early by creating face masks at home from ingredients in your pantry or fridge. A favorite of ours is one with two simple ingredients: simply mix one tablespoon of raw honey (which has antibacterial properties) with one tablespoon of brown sugar.


You'll get a mask that smells incredible, exfoliates and cleans your face, and is super cheap to make! Your little girls (and even boys) will feel like they're getting pampered and spending some special time with mom. 

Play Udderly America At The Table

TruMoo Udderly America

Want to make your kids excited about learning? Play the cute trivia game Udderly America by using clues to guess what state the cows represent, and then match all the cows to their states to win. You'll have a blast playing with your kids, and trust us; you'll be stumped by quite a few! When your child guesses correctly, let them celebrate with some TruMoo® Chocolate Milk!

Brush Your Teeth With A Song

Brushing your teeth at night - we admit - not the most fun thing to do. Ingrain this healthy habit with your kids by making it a fun family activity! 

Kids learn a lot through their parents, including good habits. Show your kids how you brush your teeth so that they can learn how much toothpaste to use, the right motions to brush, and how to put away their toothpaste and brush when done.

Make things more fun by teaching your kids the benefits of brushing through song! Enter jazz hands...



Above all, remember that any effort on your part to teach your child happy, healthy ways of life is a benefit to them now and years down the road. 



Watch this video to see how one mom turns everyday activities into memory making moments.

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non-rbST-treated cows. 
A lot can get lost as we all rush around trying to get everything done in a single day. This reminds us how we can turn those little moments in the day into lasting memories.
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