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ways-to-announce-im-pregnantCreative Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy

Finding out that you're expecting a bundle of joy can be one of the most exciting experiences a woman can have. But it can also be a great time to flex your creative muscles and surprise your friends and family. If you are searching for fun ways to announce, "I'm pregnant!,"  look no further; these fruitful ideas are guaranteed to produce surprise and smiles all around.

How to Pop the Pregnancy News

Many people like to go out to eat to announce and celebrate an occasion such as this. A restaurant environment can provide the opportunity to have some fun with your pregnancy announcement. A quiet moment at home, a large group gathering, over email or a casual get-together might be best for your situation, so consider which of these might be most appropriate for your group. From the casual to the planned these preggers proclamations are sure to elicit squeals and congratulations so make sure you're in an venue that would appreciate such behavior.
  • A simple way to announce you are expecting at a restaurant is to make sure your party is listening and then casually ask the waiter if they serve "pickle ice cream." The waiter will not be the only one taken aback. 
  • If you are having Chinese, either dine-in or take-out, you can plan ahead and prepare a fortune cookie message not to be forgotten. Print your message, such as "Your lucky number is 3... and also, Sarah is pregnant." or "Confucius say: Time to start a trust fund; a grand journey is expected to begin (insert due date here)." Then by microwaving a fortune cookie on high for about 6 seconds the cookie will relax enough for you to quickly replace the original with your personalized fortune and reshape it. Slip your own cookie with the others and wait for the confusion!
  • Another fun idea that can be done in almost any setting, is to give gifts to whomever you're surprising. You could give a cookie jar labeled "Grandma's treats," a "World's greatest Aunt" mug, a homemade sign that reads, "What happens at Grandpa's house stays at Grandpa's," or a onesie that reads, "Daddy's girl." If it's timely, give your mother a card for Mother's Day that is written for a grandmother and watch the realization dawn on her face. 
  • A great way to memorialize the moment of surprise forever is to take a picture. Instead of directing everyone to 'Say "cheese!"' tell them to 'Say, "Katie is pregnant!"' This works especially well with large groups in a gathering of any kind and will be a photo you will always cherish. 
  • Another gift idea is a photo frame with a drawing of your family plus the one on the way. You could also write, "I.O.U. one photo, coming sometime after (due date)." 
  • I'm pregnant t-shirts can come in many varieties, so here are a few that can be customized to your style. If you have an older child or children you can have them wear t-shirts that say "I'm a big brother/sister." There are lots of cute maternity t-shirts, or you can make your own that indicate your budding baby. Print the words "under construction," or print a picture from your ultrasound across the belly of the shirt and just walk into the room and wait for your family to gasp. 
  • For sending the news to long-distance friends and family, many expectant mothers are turning to email pregnancy announcements or creative posts for social networking sites. One cute idea is a photo of your family standing side-by-side; focus just on the shoes and have an empty pair of baby shoes with the due date listed over them. Or format an announcement that looks like a "coming attractions" poster for a movie. List your names as "starring" and include a mystery guest premiering on your due date. 
  • If you've already announced your baby and are waiting to announce the gender, a fun idea is to bake a white cake dyed either pink (for girls) or blue (for boys) and frost it so that no one can see the color until you cut inside for a fun and delicious surprise! 
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