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placenta newsIf you’re just about to have that baby or recently had your bundle of joy, you may have heard of saving your placenta. After birth many new moms are hanging onto their placentas and having them encapsulated into a pill. Then, they start taking them like daily supplements in an effort to boost energy, increase milk production, balance hormones, and even prevent postpartum depression.

But you may want to hold off on this complicated procedure. According to Rachel Vreeman, MD, assistant professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and co-author of “Don't Swallow Your Gum", “there's no science to suggest that consuming placenta will stave off childbirth complications or depression”. She adds, “Cooking or dehydrating the organ actually destroys any beneficial hormones and chemicals it might contain. Sure, there are anecdotes from women who say it works, but others say the pills worsened their symptoms.”

Try these simple tips to avoid postpartum depression.

  1. Carve out some me time. Although baby will need you most hours, nap-time can be set aside for yourself to have 15 minutes of downtime as well. Try some simple yoga moves or stretches, or sit quietly with a journal. You’ll find this gives you more energy to accomplish the day’s needs.
  2. Make time for your partner. Date nights may be something of the past but resurge those feelings and schedule a date night at least once a month after baby. Hire a sitter or family member to help and remember that even a 30-minute get-a-way can help fuel your passion.
  3. Eat well. It goes without saying that even after baby, if you’re breastfeeding, you’re still eating for two. Make sure you get enough fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to keep your energy up as well as stay hydrated with water or coconut water.

So skip the placenta saving and attend to your new born… these days go by so fast!


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