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When your kids open their lunchbox or bag, it can be either a major parenting win or an epic fail. What you pack can make or break their day! OK, so that may be a lot of pressure but really its motivation to create some super fun and delicious options for lunch. 

Pizza being a classic indulgence staple, its one lunch item you know won't go uneaten. To keep things interesting, check out these unique pizza-centric recipes that will spice up lunchtime for your kids. 

Pizza Muffins

Muffins aren't only great in the morning. This tasty take on a cafe classic packs everything we love about pizza into a few bites of cheesy paradise. 


Pizza Donuts

55361ac4-2d8a-408f-b236-2473d359f3dcPhoto Credit: Pillsbury 

Here's your kids' chance to fulfill the dream of combining pizza and breakfast. The easy to follow steps will give them the chance to lend a hand and learn how to put a new spin on two of their favorite foods. Check out the recipe here.

Pizza Fries

pizza-fries-50423-ssPhoto Credit: Recipe.com

Your kids will love seeing two of their favorite foods come together in cheesy harmony. Click here to see how the magic happens.

Pepperoni Pizza Crackers

122419Photo Credit: AllRecipes.com

This on-the-go snack is perfect for lunches and is extremely easy to make. You're only a few steps away from crunchy goodness. These crackers are easy to package and perfect for a lunchtime side dish. Here's the easy recipe. 

Pizza Pancakes

087985f6-50e9-44fb-ae84-d1eeed39e5f4Photo Credit: BettyCrocker.com

The marriage of pizza and breakfast is a great idea who's time has come. Pizza pancakes may not sound so appetizing at first, but a read through the recipe is sure to change your mind.

Grilled Pizza Sandwich

Grilled-Pizza-PaniniPhoto Credit: Our Best Bites

Your kids will be the talk of the school yard when they pull this pizzafied perfection from their lunch box. The Grilled Pizza Sandwich challenges our conception of what sandwiches are capable of. Learn the life changing recipe here.

Pizza Salad

exps563 EIT2919394B10 24 2bPhoto Credit: Taste of Home

This easily transportable lunch item won't fall apart in the backpack. Help your kids get their proper nutrition with the vegetables hidden behind the name "pizza salad." Here's the recipe.

Pizza Casserole

exps34090 TH1112578D41BPhoto Credit: Taste of Home

The great thing about any casserole is that it provides meals for days after it's been prepared. Send your kids to school with this hearty lunch that is sure to fill them up until the end of the day. Check out the recipe by clicking here!

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