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Eyeliner is a beauty staple that can make nearly any look even better, and so many of us rely on it to define our eyes and wake up our face everyday - but generally we stick to neutral black or brown shades. However, there's definitely an argument to be made for branching out...

It’s a tricky beauty trend often seen on the runway but not in the grocery store or to a local restaurant. However, with these five simple tips, you can pull off bold eyeliner colors too!

How to Wear Bold Colorful Eyeliner

  • Pair it with a nude or "your lips but better" lip: The otherwise neutral tones on your face will keep the focus on the bright ones you choose for your eyeliner.
  • Keep your blush natural and soft: If your blush is a bold or bright color, the colors will compete on your face and may be too much for a natural every day look. Unless you're wearing makeup for a costume or themed party, keep the blush simple so your colored eye liner can continue to pop.
  • For day time, apply a thin line and at night apply thicker lines: If your day is full of work, and night full of party, have your eyes match the mood!
  • At night, layer black liner with a colored liner: This look works well for night time with a black liner on the waterline that's layered with colored and/or shimmery liner just above the line. It will help the color pop!
  • Try something metallic: If bold colors like blue, purple or green are too intimidating, try something shimmery! Gold, copper, rose gold or silver go well with almost any outfit, and you can match it with some fun jewelry.
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