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iStock 477977390 CroppedIt’s another stressful start to another school year. Parents are worried about making sure the kids have everything they need and kids are dreading the homework and having to wakeup early. As a parent, you’re probably staring at their school supply list in shock and awe, especially once you add up the costs of all the items on it.

How To Save On School Supplies

But there's hope! While we might not be able to come wake up your kid every day for you, but we can definitely help ease the burden of that last problem. 

To boot, your kids are begging you for new gear to wear. According to a survey performed by Ebates.com, more than half of parents chalked up shopping for clothes and school items as the most stressful part of the back to school season.

The survey also concluded that when it comes to back to school shopping, both parents and teens are concerned that they won’t be able to afford new clothes and school supplies. 55% of parents rank not being able to afford everything their kids want as their number one concern.

Lose the stress this year and try these lifesaving tips!

Ten Ways To Save On Back to School Gear

Malls and office supply stores can be hectic around this time of year, which adds extra stress. More than one third of parents from the study said they don’t want to deal with crowds at the mall. Parents also shouldn’t wait until the last minute because dragging your kids around will give you added stress that you definitely don't need. 

  1. Make a list of supplies and clothes kids need ahead of time so you don’t forget anything last minute. 
  2. Find last year’s school supplies. Your kids probably didn’t use all the notebooks and pencils. If you're really ahead of the game, you kept some in reserve last year! (If not, try doing that this year, especially if you find good deals). 
  3. Generic clothing and supply brands are less expensive and work just as well. For instance, dollar stores often have a plethora of school supplies in stock. $1 for a huge pack of pens? Count us in! 
  4. Parents could consider hand-me-downs from older siblings. 
  5. Check out the best back to school sales for supplies and clothing and gather up coupons.
  6. Do a "clothes swap" with other parents/families to find clothes for their kids. 
  7. Have kids and teens go through some of their old clothes to sell to a resale shop and use that cash for some new ensembles. 
  8. Only buy what’s needed. If kids need extra socks at a later date, you can buy them. 
  9. Establish a budget before you start. If you spend all your hard earned money on jeans, what are you going to do about the new notebooks and backpacks they need? 
  10. It seems easier to buy everything you need in one store but go to different stores with different deals and sales to get the best bang for your buck.
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