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ways-to-stay-motivatedStaying motivated is the number one thing people lose as they take on big goals like weight loss, a new job, or reinventing yourself.  But over the course of writing a best selling weight-loss book, "Naked Fitness" (Vanguard Press), choreographing ten fitness videos, producing two television shows and attempting to run a marathon this fall with Be Bright Pink, I have found that these five simple steps are key to all success in staying motivated to get things done.

1. Write Lists

It doesn't matter how many projects I have going on at once, I always write down notes of things to do.  I create posts on my laptop, write in one of three journals I carry with me almost at all times, and even send myself emails.  Writing things down in a listed format helps me cross things off and get closer to my goals.  If you are trying to lose weight, try making a list of days you plan on working out, number of calories to eat in a day, number of fruits or veggies you try to eat at each meal and simply cross them off as you complete them.  There's a research-based nuerological experience that happens and gets recorded in your brain.   Just like advertising, the number of impressions start to add up and make a difference in your daily routine and performance.

2. Look to Others and Listen

Although there is no one plan on how to get things done, listening and watching others complete the tasks you have set out to do is a great motivator.  It will give you insights on short cuts or help you to be creative to make your journey successful, albeit different from the one you are following.  I scan the web for short cuts and ask those who are doing it right for advice.

3. Dream Big

Dreaming is the space where you become aware of the vast potential you have.  The thoughts you create can be real.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Then go out there and do it.  The fear of failure is just that:  FEAR - Feel every action right now and let it build into something new.  FEAR is not real.

4.  Try Another Yellow Brick Road

Any problem or journey can have numerous paths.  There is more than a straight line to connect points A & B.  Keep your sites set on inventing and reinventing the job at hand.  You may find it fun to think about all the different colors you can paint with.

5. Be Grateful

You have so much already in place and are truly blessed with the power to change.   Take time to reflect on your past experiences and breathe deeply into the present.  You are your future.

For more tips on staying motivated, please visit my website, Andrea Metcalf.

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