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Ways You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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Feel good this October by getting involved during Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the biggest campaign of the year to increase awareness of this disease! Get involved this October by participating in awareness events, walks, donating or becoming a volunteer. The possibilities are endless and the feeling you’ll get when you come together with your fellow fighting ladies is just incredible! 

Think Pink: Support breast cancer awareness by thinking and wearing pink and pink ribbons during the month of October to show everyone you support the cause! 

Awareness Events: Participate in awareness events like the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk, awareness bike rides, zumba dances and more! Gather with hundreds of other women, come together and help find a cure! Find awareness events near where you live and get involved. 

Breast Cancer Products: During the month of October, many products like food, drinks or beauty products are labeled to help support breast cancer research. Check the labels at the store because many of the items you already buy will donate proceeds to finding a cure.

Donate: If you aren’t able to participate in events or fundraisers, you can simply donate to breast cancer awareness organizations and help them find a cure! 

Become a Sponsor or Volunteer: Volunteer or become a sponsor to help bring awareness to early detection screenings, help raise funds, join a charity and help provide mammograms and breast health services for those who need it. 

Fundraising Events: Find local fundraising events and get involved by attending, donating, or even hosting and volunteering!