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Wear red every day this month to show support for heart health!

The color red is vibrant, sexy, and powerful and a perfect color of choice for people to show awareness for heart health in February. Throughout American Heart Month, you can use your tips and advice on adding dashes of red to your outfit so you can be among the supporters for healthy hearts. 

Successfully wear red every day by choosing a piece from each of these categories!


From a glamorous dress to a workout shirt, you can easily wear red with an assortment of clothing. For chillier weather, a cable-knit sweater can be a cute option. A bold choice could be red pants - how often do we see those? Pair the pants with sleek black pumps and you'll be showing heart health awareness in style!


With scarves, hats, belts, and bracelets - there are plenty of accessories that could have a touch of red in them for Heart Health Month. Go simple with some red earrings or bold with a large red ring. A chic look could be a leather red belt or even a skinny red tie at work. Other accessory options include globes, purses, tights, and sunglasses. 


When in doubt of what red clothes or accessories to wear, makeup can be an easy way to go! From eyeshadows and blushes to a bold red lip, you can look "va-va-voom" as well as be a part of American Heart Month's goal to raise awareness for heart health. If you're in need of some pampering in February, go get red nails during your mani-pedi! 


Watches, phone covers, laptop cases, and more are fun ways to bring red to your gadgets. Add some red about your home by placing red decorations by your television or workspace. This can be a way to show support all day long as well as a reminder to add touches of red to yourself before you leave the house! 

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