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3 Ways To Style Pink And Red

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Wearing Pink and Red RightDress to impress this Valentine’s Day by wearing the colors that represent love.

Valentine’s Day can bring out the romantic in most anyone! It can also encourage many of us to dress to reflect the season. With all of the love in the air, it can be hard to avoid wearing pink and red. The colors represent Valentine’s Day as well as that four letter word we are celebrating. We have tips to help you sport this look just right.

iStock 000029955464XSmallThe question is how do you combine these colors without looking like you are wearing too much? How do you wear pink and red together? We have some ideas that will ensure you are sporting this look just right and that make wearing these two colors of love fashionable.

1. Color Blocking

One of the best ways to wear pink and red together is to wear them in a color blocking ensemble. This look can be worn out on the go or for a night out depending on how you dress up or dress down the look. In order to rock this look just right, choose a pair of fitted pink slacks, hot pink is even better. Pair the slacks with a red chiffon blouse and tuck it in to accent your waist. To avoid wearing too much of the chosen color pair with white pumps.

If you prefer to wear a dress choose a fitted pink sheath, if your dress has red accents, even better. Pair the dress with a red cardigan that is loose fitting. If you want to take this dress from day to night skip the cardigan and pair your hot pink dress with red and pink pumps.

2. Office Chic

If you want to dress the part for work, you do have options, your best one being to wear a classy pink and red dress. Look for a knee length dress that has a pink base and red stripes. Accessorize the dress with a red belt cinched around your waist and nude strappy heels. Finish the look with a knee length red trench coat.

This dressy ensemble is perfect for the office; it’s classy, professional and can take you from day to night.

iStock 000023942215XSmall3. Casual Pink and Red

If you prefer a more casual look you also have many options. You can choose an orangey red knee length skirt and pair it with a pink blouse. Tuck the blouse in and pair with nude heels to avoid wearing too much color.

You can also take a pink tank top and wear it with a red elbow length blazer. Make sure your tank is loose fitting and look for a deep pink color. Wear this combination with your favorite pair of jeans and you have a fabulous pink and red outfit.

No matter what your style, dressing up for Valentine’s Day includes many options and combinations. Enjoy the process and let your personality shine through.

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