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wedding-guest-dos-and-donts-headerDon't be the one who makes a faux pas at the wedding.

A wedding is one of the happiest days in the life of a new couple. From the RSVP to the reception, there are plenty of mistakes guests can make at a wedding. We all know the basics - don't wear white, don't outshine the bride, don't drink too much, but what about the unspoken rules?

Make sure your presence is remembered for all the right reasons. Follow these simple wedding dos and dont's to make sure you're never the one making the embarrassing wedding faux pas.

DO RSVP. RSVP literally means "respond, please," so make sure you do, even if you can't make it. Weddings are expensive and even one plate can make a difference. 

DON'T bring a guest if you weren't given a plus 1. Don't put the bride and groom in a situation where they feel pressured to say you can bring a guest. Invite lists are well-planned and every guest counts, so stick to the number you're given, even if it's just one. 

DO buy your gift early. Don't wait until the last minute to check out the registry. If you do, you'll end up seeing all of the expensive things that you can't afford and all of the little things that seem to cheap to give as a wedding gift. 

DON'T bring a huge box. If you want to get the newlyweds a large gift, that's great, but save their families the trouble of loading and unloading by having it shipped directly to their home. Just make sure it's before or after the honeymoon. 

DO be on time. We've never been to a wedding that started on time, but that is not an excuse to be late. On the off chance it starts right at the expected time, you don't want to walk in late. 

DON'T let your phone ring. It's bad enough when it happens in a meeting, don't let it happen during the "I do's." Turn your phone off; not on vibrate, not on silent, but OFF. 

DO follow dress codes. While it's embarrassing to be underdressed, it's also embarrassing to be overdressed. Don't show up to a Hawaiian-themed wedding in a gown or you'll stick out like a sore-thumb. 

DON'T get in the way of the photographer. They're the professional, and this isn't their first time (most likely), so let them work. You don't want them to miss an amazing moment because you're talking or giving suggestions. 


DO meet the other side. Make a point to meet people from the other side of the family. If you're close with the bride or groom, you will probably be seeing a lot more of the family, so avoid awkward meetings in the future by introducing yourself at the reception. 

DON'T become a problem. If you know you have a tendency to drink too much, limit yourself. Wedding receptions are a time to celebrate, but you never want the bride or groom to have to worry about you throughout the whole party. 

DO have fun. The bride and groom are throwing the biggest party of their lives, so don't look bored. They're worried about you not having a good time, so don't leave them room to question. Enjoy yourself!

DON'T sign something in poor taste in the guest book. This is something they will look at years from now and maybe even show their children. Save your embarrassing stories or inappropriate language for later and just write a nice note. 

DO let the bride and groom mingle. Even if they're you're best friends, they need to spend time with everyone who came to the wedding. Don't monopolize their time and don't be upset when you only see them for ten minutes. 

DON'T leave your party favor. Even if it is something small (or something you hate), take it. Sometimes you get a lovely centerpiece or sometimes you get a bag of almonds. It's the bride and groom's thank you; just take it. 

For all other wedding ideas, make sure you check out our Pinterest page!


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