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wedding-videographer-makes-marriage-documentary-headerThe classic ending to nearly every "romcom" - the wedding - is where this film begins.

In a new documentary called 112 Weddings, wedding videographer Doug Block revisits several of the couples whose weddings he filmed to see how their marriages were doing years later. The films showcases couples who have been divorced, are still in love, have children, don't have children, those who are succeeding and others who are struggling, 

"People conflate the wedding with the marriage," Block told TIME. "And the getting married with being married."

The topic apparently resonates with people, as Block said interest in the film is higher than any project he's ever worked on.

Block, who has been married for 28 years himself, said his best advice, after learning from each couple he interviewed, is to "pick wisely."

"You'd better find somebody who feels like your jokes are funny," he said.

He also said it's important to stay flexible and know that your loved one isn't perfect despite what the fairytales may say.

The film offers an insight into happiness, love, and, of course marriage, but don't expect to learn how to find your happy ever after.

"As I say in the film," Block said, "Happy ever after is complicated."

The film premiered in the UK recently and will make it's U.S. debut on HBO June 30. 

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