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16855-weekend-recap-mainPhoto Credit: NBC

Miley Cyrus was hilarious and emotional while hosting SNL's Season 41 premiere, Sandra Bullock could be adding another little one to her crew, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence kick it - see what else happened in entertainment this weekend below!

Sandra Bullock Adopts Again?

16855-weekend-recap-sandra-bullock-louisPhoto Credit: Splash

Rumors were swirling around A-list actress Sandra Bullock this weekend with the question of whether she has adopted another baby. Bullock is already mom to Louis Bardo, 5, whom she adopted back in 2010. Reports are claiming that the 51-year-old added a little sister to the mix just recently.

An expanding brood would not come as surprise to us seen as how often the Gravity star is gushing about her little man.

"I mean, like, people go, 'Your adopted son.' I go, 'Please don't say that. He is my son!' I would give my life for him," Bullock told Entertainment Tonight in June.

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt and Jack Name Penguin

Okay, so this is the most adorable video you might have seen all weekend. Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt, wife Anna Faris and their adorable 3-year-old son Jack had the honor of naming a penguin who was born last week at the Seattle Zoo.

The small family chose a name that carried some meaningful connotation for the family. Check out the video they shared on YouTube to see the sweet name they chose. 

Brooklyn Decker Welcomes First Child

It's a boy for Brooklyn Decker and former tennis-pro husband Andy Roddick! The actress, 28, welcomed a son in Austin, Texas on September 30. This is the first child for the couple who announced they were expecting a baby back in May. Since the announcement, Decker has been very vocal about her nesting and anticipating her little bundle of joy on Instagram.

Luckily for Decker, her adoring husband loves her body in all forms, according to an article with Health Magazine in 2012.

"He's taught me that it's not how thin you are that matters. It's how your body performs, how it endures wears and tears." 

Miley Cyrus Hosts SNL

SNL returned this weekend with the season 41 premiere, hosted by Miley Cyrus. The show was set off with the expected tone from Cyrus when she declared, "When you smoke as much as I do, you're always on a seven second delay."

Besides Cyrus's impressive sketch contributions, the 22-year-old was overcome with emotion during her musical performance of the evening.

Another big hit of the night was the sketch of Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton... and Hillary Clinton (yes!) as the bartender, Val, comforting Clinton during the treacherous campaign trail. Don't worry, Donald Trump's character made his way into the show a generous amount of times as well.


All everyone wants to talk about is Donald Trump. #SNL #MileyonSNL

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Congratulations to the happy couple! #MileyonSNL #SNL

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Amy Schumer, J. Law, Aziz Ansari Hang Out

We think they were [hardly] working this weekend. After admitting to developing a script together coinciding with their newfound friendship, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer spent the weekend locked away with their thoughts, and luckily... an iPhone.

Also on hand for the shenanigans were Parks and Rec alumni Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansar who basked in some camera time.

The creativity in this group of talented people is really riveting...



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