Weekend Wedding Beauty Tips for the Bridal Party1Hi Stitchettes! As some of you know, I was in Memphis this weekend for a wedding--quite the experience for a Northern girl!

Between the Elvis tributes and the live goats in bars I wasn't quite sure how to react, but one thing's for sure-- being in a wedding party takes a lot of coordination and time-management skills. Thank God I blocked off enough time for everything! 

Anyway, post-wedding, I thought I'd share a few of my top tips for ensuring you look gorgeous, picture-ready and well-rested... even though, let's be honest, you'll probably be operating on two hours of sleep.

Make-Up: Basics

If you're not getting your make-up professionally done, I recommend testing your look with your dress prior to the wedding. For example, my bridesmaid dress was a bright pumpkin orange. Not exactly an easy color for make-up coordination. 

I started my planning early by searching for "orange dress make-up" on Pinterest and adding those looks to my make-up board. This way, I had a few looks to choose from and a general direction to go in. I knew I wanted to do a pretty copper-y eye look with a neutral-colored lip.

Make-Up: Base

As far as foundation/concealer/bronzer goes--this is not the time to experiment with new products! You'll be crunched for time already and have no time for any make-up disasters! I used my favorite whipped 24-hour foundation and my trusted concealer/highlighter combo wand. 

I knew I wanted to contour more than I normally do because there would be so many pictures taken, so I used my regular concealer to draw lines down my nose and above my eyebrows. I then blended those and, down either side of my nose, used non-metallic bronzer to shade the sides. 

I did not use blush-- no need! A few swipes of bronzer and I was good to go. 

Weekend Wedding Beauty Tips for the Bridal Party2Make-Up: Eyes 

I always hate when I take pictures and am not wearing enough eye make-up! Words of the wise: your eye make-up will look much more dramatic in person that it does on-camera, so don't be afraid of eyeliner, mascara and fake lashes! 

My eye make-up application was actually pretty simple. I started by filling in my brows (they are very light) and sweeping a pretty white shade across the lid (I have small eyes and have learned not to use dark colors towards my inner corners), then used a pretty copper-y brown on the outside crease up towards my eyebrow. 

Next I curled my lashes and applied some falsies, and oooh, do those make a difference!! They make small eyes POP! 

After my lashes were dry, I used black pencil eyeliner on the top lashline and drew it out into a very slight cat-eye, then went over that in black gel eyeliner to seal it. I did NOT line my bottom lashline in black. It completely closes up my eye and makes it appear small. Not good! Instead, I took that same copper color I used on my eyelid and, with a small fluffy eyeliner smudging brush, blended out a slightly thicker-than-eyeliner "smokey-light" line under my bottom lashline. It looked awesome and really made my eyes look huge. 

Next, a few swipes of mascara on the top and bottom. Be careful not to get aggressive, lest you pull off those lashes, and I was all set with the eyes. 

Make-Up: Lips

My lips are thin (wow, small eyes, thin lips...I got lucky, huh?!) so I always wear lipstick for pictures. I'd look completely lip-less otherwise! 

I chose a neutral, dark pink color and applied several coats, blotting with a tissue between each coat. After the last coat I put a tissue over my lips and dusted over it with translucent powder. This helps seal in the color so you won't have to reapply for awhile. 

After the lipstick I applied a nice layer of dark coral gloss--mmm, lookin' good!! 

Make-Up: Timing

This is honestly the most important thing in this post, and the thing no one ever tells you about--timing!!

We had to be ready for pictures by 2pm and I was scheduled to get my hair done at 1:15pm so I had to plan out the make-up accordingly. I didn't want to run out of time but also didn't want to put it on too early, lest it get all grotty before the wedding even began. I decided to block out an hour and fifteen minutes for my make-up and started at noon, which ended up being perfect and more than enough time. 

Weekend Wedding Beauty Tips for the Bridal Party4Your Bag: What to Bring

Here's what was in my big bag--yes, BIG! I am a kitchen sink purse kinda girl and since I knew we had a holding area for our things, took advantage and brought a gigantic tote. Inside was:

  • Concealer (for under the eyes, make-up smudge cover-ups and rogue wedding zits)
  • Lipstick and gloss
  • Eyeliner (sometimes mine wears off) 
  • Bronzer and small bronzer brush
  • Mini hairspray
  • Deodorant 
  • Mini perfume
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby pins
  • Band-Aids 
  • Flip-flops
  • Gum/mints
  • And probably ten million other unnecessary things, but that's what I put in specifically for the wedding! :) 

The Next Day

I had a full day ahead of me post-wedding and was ready to explore Memphis--yee-haw!! (Wait, this isn't really a cowboy town, is it? Oh well, it IS the South!) 

My friend Maggie and I decided to go to Graceland, and since I already had my hair done from the night before (Julianne Hough-inspired "undo" with deep side part) I decided not to wash my hair and just undo the bobby pins and re-curl the bottom. It took less than 10 minutes and after a swift application of light make-up I was out the door and ready to see the King! 

Stitchers-- what's your wedding day beauty routine? Tweet @womensforum and let us know! 


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