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weekly-viral-videos-dads-fun-with-babyEach week, we love to share what is buzzing around the web. From trending songs to hilarious spoofs, we've got all the popular videos of the web covered here. Check out the top videos that went viral this week!

When A Dad Is Alone With A Baby

You won't be able to stop smiling...

Early Birds vs. Night Owls

Ever wonder which one is better? Find out scientifically with this viral vid.

Why Do Rivers Curve Anyway?

We can guarantee you will end up watching this entire intriguing video once you get started...

Dog Spider Scares People

We'd run too...

Risks of Flying

Informational videos have gone viral this week! Get ready to have your mind blown...

Come back next week for another round of viral videos! 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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