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weekly-viral-videos-emotional-toddler-criesEach week, we love to share what is buzzing around the web. From trending songs to hilarious spoofs, we've got all the popular videos of the web covered here. Check out the top videos that went viral this week!

Emotional Toddler: My Compassionate Young Daughter

Watch as this extremely cute child tears up while watching a sad movie, but doesn't want to show it. 

Things Babies Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did 

The title says it all...

Patrick Speaks

Here is an inspiring short video of a boy learning to speak after being deaf.

Millions March NYC (Time Lapse)

Check out this incredible video of protestors marching in NYC. 

Hobbit Office 

Basically its what The Office would be like... in Middle Earth. 

Come back next week for another round of viral videos! 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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