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weekly-viral-videos-subway-dance-partyEach week, we love to share what is buzzing around the web. From trending songs to hilarious spoofs, we've got all the popular videos of the web covered here. Check out the top videos that went viral this week! 

Little Girl Starts Cutest Dance Party Ever at NYC Subway

Get ready for some big smiles...

Orion Soars on First Flight Test

On December 5th, NASA launched the Orion Spacecraft successfully as the first curial step to Mars.


Jimmy Fallon, Rashida and Some Holiday Parodies

Jimmy Fallon tops our charts yet again, this time singing holiday mashups with Rashida Jones.

Barry the Pug in the Tub

Here, we have possibly the world's cutest pug taking a bath in a tub....  

This is Target! Black Friday Pep Talk

Target employees got quite an inspiring speech before the big BF. 

Come back next week for another round of viral videos! 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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