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Each week, we love to share what is buzzing around the web. From trending songs to hilarious spoofs, we've got all the popular videos of the web covered here. Check out the top videos that went viral this week! 

LeBron James Serves the Sweet No-Look Dish to Irving 

The first video this week went viral when LeBron James passed the basketball in a spectacular way.

Waking Up Our Puppy to His Favorite Song "Let It Go"

What happens when your dog has a favorite song? It involves the cutest thing you have ever seen and wanting to sing along.


Electric Bug Zapper in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

We can't decide if this is morbid or intriguing... the title says it all.

Munchkin The Teddy Bear Gets Her Exercise

Put together a dog, a teddy bear costume, and a treadmill... you'll understand how adorable she is when you watch.


Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank

Get ready to feel extremely uncomfortable as Jennifer Aniston purposely makes a nightmare interview come true.

Come back next week for another round of viral videos! 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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