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Ever stood in front of your closet, drawer, or suitcase - not sure at all what to wear? Passed by those perfectly put together mannequins and felt a twinge of style envy? Well no fear, we've got your primer for the season's hottest looks in our weekly trend report. 

Clogs and Sandals

I know, right? You wouldn't expect something that was designated to be a "fashion tragedy" to soon be the hottest new trend. Well if you walk into any department store these days, you'll find the shoe section filled with clogs and comfortable sandals to wear.


Cheetah and Chambray

Cheetah print never really went out of style but we've noticed the trend explode in the past few weeks. From street chic to business casual to a night out, the cheetah print can be spotted on skirts, shoes, purses, earrings and even sunglasses. A super fun combo has been cheetah and chambray (or just plain denim). To sum it up, keep those cheetah prints close. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon.


Stacked Gold Necklaces

It's a basic style tool to use a statement necklace, thin or thick, to heighten any outfit. Wearing a denim button-up with some black leggings? Layer on a stacked gold necklace and you're golden - literally and figuratively. Try the trend this week! It works great in office, for a night out or layering over that cute new bikini at the beach. 


Red Lipstick

I think Taylor Swift's theory on red lipstick is plausible. Now, if you're one who is mostly used to glosses or heck even chapstick, don't fret. You can start off with light shades and go down the palette! Try out some different lipsticks this week to find one that accents your skin tone and facial features well. Hint: Summer's here so play with reds that have touches of peach, coral or pink! 



Loose Hair and Bright Headbands

This weekend, Womensforum coverage of the Daytime Emmy's found multiple attendees rocking the top knot on the red carpet. A quick scroll through Pinterest will show you an influx of care-free up-do hairstyles. Perhaps the summer weather, with all its heat and humidity, is causing girls to find cute and comfortable ways to get hair out of the way. For this trend, get your hair into a bun or ponytail, put on an eye-catching headband or scarf, and then pull out a few strands for a relaxed and fashionable summer look!

Be sure to check in each Monday to see what trends we're obsessing over and trying out for the week!

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