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weight-gain-can-we-blame-our-commuteA recent study from down under now cites that people who drive to work tend to gain more weight than those who do not commute by car.

This new health study is no surprise since you can't exercise while you are driving a car or get work done either. It would seem that when you take the bus, train, or other form of transportation, you can use that commuter time to finish things up or prepare for the next day's work. This might leave some additional time to then plan a workout when you arrive home.

However, even the busiest executives find time to take care of their health with a regular exercise program. In fact, a recent article in Forbes magazine discussed top attributes that companies look for in executives. Traits included high energy and confidence. There are several studies that conclude that being fit can increase the self confidence of a person which can allow one to challenge themselves and aim for higher levels of achievement.

If you're trying to lose weight from commuting, here are some tips:

Five Ways to Fit More Exercise Into Your Schedule

  1. Don't hit the snooze! Get up thirty minutes earlier and take a walk. Even a 30 minute walk can help you maintain or even lose weight. This subtle 150-200 calorie burner on a daily basis can help suppress appetite, increase your metabolism and help with mental alertness making you ready for work. And, those calories burned adds up quickly.
  2. Step it up. Take your 60 minute workout and cut it in half - but up the intensity.  Meaning, if you normally walk for exercise, try jumping rope for half the time, a cross-fit thirty minute workout, or even try an interval training bootcamp. More and more gyms are offering express classes with workouts that double the intensity and can save you time. 
  3. Stand up for yourself. Standing at least once every hour instead of sitting for the majority of your day can help increase blood flow and decrease stress. Just a simple stand up and stretch for the ceiling changes your blood pressure and pressure on your spine which can lead to lower back pain.
  4. Skip the coffe break. Instead of taking ten minutes for coffee or a cigarette, take a walk.  Even if it's around the office, a simple walk during each coffee break can lead to a total thirty minutes of cardio. Incremental workouts tend to bring the same results as a continuous thirty minute walk. Plus, it's been proven to increase your productivity as well. 
  5. Walk to work. All this talk about sitting and driving can certainly be changed by taking a walk or bike ride home. Where the distance is too long to walk or ride your bike, think about parking your car a few blocks from your office to ensure that daily walking routine. You might find that public transportation is an option too. 

If there's a will there's a way.  What do you do to sneak exercise into your busy schedule? Check out Andrea Metcalf for more tips.

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